Retirement repayment mortgages

If you can't find a conventional mortgage to meet your needs, a retirement repayment mortgage could help you reach your later life goals

What is a retirement repayment mortgage?

A retirement repayment mortgage is similar to a traditional mortgage you may have had on your home in that you repay the loan plus the interest in full.

  • Mortgages are available to borrowers aged 50+

  • Higher age limit than most mortgages, letting you remortgage in later life

  • It's a loan secured against your home

  • Mortgages can be used to buy a new property, re-mortgage an existing one, or release additional funds


Retirement repayment mortgage interest rates

You will also need to think about which type of interest rate would work best for you: fixed or variable.

Fixed interest rate
A fixed-rate mortgage means your repayments will be the same for a fixed length of time, no matter how interest rates change across the market – this is normally between two to five years, though it can vary depending on the mortgage provider.

Variable interest rate
A variable interest rate means the interest rate and your repayments may go up or down depending on a number of factors. There are different variable-rate mortgages you can apply for from a number of different mortgage providers.

Other retirement mortgage options

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Retirement interest-only mortgage

  • Typically for people aged 50+

  • Only pay the interest monthly

  • Lower monthly repayments than repaying the capital

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Lifetime mortgage

  • For homeowners 55+
  • Unlock funds from your home
  • Choose a lump sum or drawdown
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Other important info

  • A mortgage is a loan secured against your home
  • Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments
  • You should always think carefully before securing a loan against your home
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