Equity release plans 

Equity release could be an effective way to unlock some of the funds from your home. In 2019, Equity Release Council figures show that older homeowners withdrew £3.92 billion worth of equity. While it can be a great way to boost your finances in later life, it’s essential to find the right equity release plan for you. The Equity Release Experts can help you do so.

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Equity release plans explained

For older homeowners, there’s often a lot of money tied up in the value of their property. Taking out an equity release plan could be the way to tap into that – without selling up and moving home. If you own a property worth at least £70,000 and are aged 55 or over, the option is there for you.

A lifetime mortgage, the most popular form of equity release, is a loan that’s secured against the value of your home. With a lifetime mortgage there are typically no monthly repayments to make as the loan, plus roll up interest, is repaid when the plan comes to an end. Typically that's when you or the last remaining borrower passes away, or moves into long-term residential care.

You can download our free guide to learn more about how equity release plans work.

Make the most of the value in your home

By choosing The Equity Release Experts, you can compare an extensive range of equity release plans from different providers. Here’s what you might find when you do:

  • Free, expert, impartial and fully qualified equity release advice

  • Unlock up to 56% of your home’s value – subject to eligibility

  • Annual interest rates starting from 2.70% that are fixed for life*  

  • Features to personalise your plan based on what is suitable for your requirements

In addition, all the equity release plans we recommend meet the Equity Release Council’s standards. With this, you get the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected by a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee – so no debt can be passed on  to your family through equity release once the plan ends.

* We recommend plans from across the whole of market that have annual interest rates starting from as low as 2.70% - fixed for life. The overall cost for comparison is 2.91% APR. Stated rates correct as of 6 June 2022. The actual rate that you receive will be confirmed in your personalised illustration and recommendation.


Get an equity release plan that’s right for you

At The Equity Release Experts, we treat everyone as an individual. It means we understand that your needs are different to someone else’s. And that allows us to tailor your plan so that it works for you and helps you make the most of the value in your home.

Lifetime mortgage or home reversion

With two main types of equity release plan, the choice is yours. A lifetime mortgage is the most popular type, which enables you to borrow money that’s secured against your home whilst still remaining the owner. A home reversion plan, meanwhile, is where you sell part or all of your home in return for a cash lump sum.

Lump sum or drawdown

Do you want to receive all your tax-free money in one go or draw down what you need, when you need it? With a lifetime mortgage, you can decide between a lump sum or drawdown release.

Downsizing protection

If you take out a lifetime mortgage plan and decide to move, the lender must first be happy with your new home. Subject to lender criteria, it is possible to move home and take your equity release plan with you. If you have had the loan for five years and wish to downsize in the future some plans offer 'downsizing protection' which means that there won't be any early repayment charges if your new property doesn't meet the lenders criteria.

Inheritance protection

No matter how much interest accrues, you can guarantee a percentage of your home’s future value can be passed on to loved ones if your equity release plan includes inheritance protection (subject to criteria).

Monthly repayments?

There are typically no monthly repayments to make on a lifetime mortgage. But with some plans you can make voluntary partial repayments on the initial amount you borrow, without incurring early repayment charges if you want to reduce how much interest is charged.

Enhanced equity release plans

If you have a specific medical condition or make a certain lifestyle choice such as smoking, you could be eligible for an enhanced lifetime mortgage plans that allows you to unlock more tax-free funds.

Are you eligible to unlock funds from your home?

Equity release plans aren’t right for everyone – and not everyone is going to be eligible. But the good news is that it could be much simpler than you think. If you’re a homeowner aged 55 or over with a property value of at least £70,000, you might be able to unlock some of the value in your property.

To see if you qualify or how much you could release, use our free equity release calculator.


The importance of getting advice you can trust

The one thing that you must do before taking out equity release is to speak to a qualified equity release adviser. As an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulatory requirement, your application won’t be accepted if you don’t.

Like all financial products, equity release is a major decision and isn’t without its risks. But, with the right advice, you’ll discover the equity release plans that best suit you and your own unique situation. That’s why you should talk to The Equity Release Experts.

Our expert advisers never recommend a plan unless they’re sure it’s suitable for you. They’ll go through all the options available to you – considering all the different types of equity release plans, as well as the features that may benefit you. And unless you decide to go ahead, your initial appointment to find out more is completely free.


Take the next step towards a brighter tomorrow

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Not ready to take that step just yet? No problem. You can see how much you could release with our free equity release calculator. Or you can get our free guide to uncover the potential of an equity release plan – and what it could mean for you and your family’s future.


Things to consider with equity release

  • A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home.

  • Typically there are no monthly repayments to make as the loan plus roll up interest is repaid when the plan comes to an end.

  • You should always think carefully before securing a loan against your home.  

  • Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means tested benefits.

  • Unless you decide to go ahead with a plan, our service is completely free of charge as our fixed advice fee of £1,499 is only payable on completion of a plan.