Release Your Holiday Dreams with Equity Release

With summer fast approaching it’s not surprising so many of us are already starting to think about the world’s exotic places and planning our holidays. Sorting your holidays early can not only save you cash, but there’s little more comforting on cold winter days than booking your dream holiday in paradise.

The freedom of retirement offers the perfect opportunity to tick off the destinations at the top of your bucket list and visit your own must-see places. In this post we’ll look at three of the destinations that would make perfect getaways for those in retirement.

If you think your finances are holding you back, you may find your holiday dreams can become a reality with an equity release plan. By releasing the cash tied up in your property you can fund that holiday and use the rest in any way you wish!

The average amount of equity released by customers in 2016 was over £80,000, meaning it could not only be you holiday dreams coming true. Use our equity release calculator to find out how much you could potentially release today.

Perfect Retirement Holidays


Cruise ship in the sea, Tahiti, South pacific

Did you know that you can only book a cruise with some liners if you are over the age of 50? These cruises are the perfect setting for your retirement holiday with destinations all over the globe from the Iceland to the Caribbean.

Whether you want to see the Northern Lights or relax on a white sandy beach these ships are tailored to seniors, with a quarter of their cabins single occupancy for the solo explorers out there.

Whilst cruises are often thought of as an expensive getaway, especially those of longer duration to more exotic locations, the sky will be the limit if you choose to free up the cash tied in up in your property for that ultimate cruise experience.

Orient Express

Steam Train, pulling the Orient Express

The legendary Orient Express is one at the top of any locomotive enthusiast’s wish list. This world famous journey from England through to Venice is among the most luxurious rail travel available anywhere in the world.

This steam-powered adventure is a must-do on any retiree’s bucket list, but with limited journeys and such high demand, this timeless and romantic experience through some of Europe’s most beautiful cities and countryside doesn’t come cheap.

With some of the Orient Express’ more expansive journeys costing upwards of £3,000 per person this is one holiday that may seem a pure fantasy to many in or approaching retirement. However, recently released statistics have revealed that 29% of the 27,670 people who release equity from their home in 2016 used some of the money to go on at least one holiday.

More people than ever are releasing cash from their home and using the tax-free lump sum to fund a holiday of lifetime making the memorable journey on the Orient Express a reality!


Sometimes the best holiday memories are made from the happy faces of loved ones, and there is little that could put a bigger smile on a child’s face than the word “Disneyland.”

Using your recently released cash you could treat your whole family to the ultimate childhood moments by taking them to Disneyland or Disneyworld to meet all their favourite characters.

Treating family and friends makes up 24% of reasons for releasing equity in 2016 and it’s easy to understand why. With the average amount of equity released by customers ever rising it’s common to put some of this cash aside for those closest to you.

Start Your Journey Today with

You can begin planning all these adventures and more when you take out an equity release plan. By releasing the cash tied up in the value of your property, whilst retaining full ownership of your home, you can achieve financial freedom to enjoy a happy retirement.

The money you free up can be used for any purpose whether you want to take the holiday of a lifetime, buy your dream car, or spruce up your house with some home improvements.

Use our quick, free and easy equity release calculator to compare the whole market today and find the deal that’s right for you.

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