How Much Equity Can I Release from my Home?

The amount of tax-free equity you can release from your home is dependent on both you and your property. Your age, property type and value, and health and lifestyle are all significant factors that go towards determining how much you may be able to release.

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Factor: Age

The minimum age for equity release is 55, and the amount that you’re able to release can increase as you get older. You can typically release between 11-55% of the value of your property with a lifetime mortgage, depending on your age. This amount increases incrementally as you get older.

The minimum age for a home reversion plan is typically 65.


Factor: Property Type & Value

The primary factor that determines the amount of cash you can release is the value of your property. A higher property value will typically equate to a higher potential equity release sum.

The type of property you own and its construction is also a factor for eligibility. For more information on whether you are eligible, please read our “Can I Release Equity from My Home?” guide.


Factor: Health and Lifestyle

The amount of equity you can release as a percentage of your home’s value could increase depending on your health and lifestyle.

Similarly, the further into retirement age you are, the more you will be able to release compared to someone who has just turned 55.



Our specialist equity release partners will offer you no-obligation advice and support to discuss all these deciding factors with you, enabling you to find the right plan based on your needs and circumstances.

A lifetime mortgage, the most popular type of equity release, is a loan secured against your home. If you are considering releasing equity on your home, we recommend reading ‘is it right for you?‘ carefully.


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