Can I Move House After Using Equity Release?

Wondering whether you’ll still be able to move into a new home if you’ve taken out an equity release plan? The answer is yes: many equity release plans guarantee you the right to move, as long as your new property is eligible. All the providers that we recommend plans for have committed to following the […]

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Using a Lifetime Mortgage to Pay for Long-Term Care

A lifetime mortgage is one type of equity release plan, used to release money from your home and give you more cash to use in whatever way you see fit. The money that is released using these lifetime mortgage plans can go towards a wealth of different expenses – from splashing out on luxury items […]

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Release Your Holiday Dreams with Equity Release

With summer fast approaching it’s not surprising so many of us are already starting to think about the world’s exotic places and planning our holidays. Sorting your holidays early can not only save you cash, but there’s little more comforting on cold winter days than booking your dream holiday in paradise. The freedom of retirement […]

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Pay-Off Your Interest Only Mortgage

Could equity release be the solution to paying off your interest only mortgage? The warnings have been brewing for several years, and we are quickly approaching the interest only mortgage time-bomb detonation. With the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) sounding the alarm that by 2020 over 2.6 million interest only mortgages will be due for repayment, […]

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Welcome to Our Equity Release Blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog! We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news, stats, and tips from the world of equity release. There can be many important and fascinating news stories that occasionally slip under your radar. Whether it’s to do with change of interest rates or new providers, […]

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A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home.